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Yes - we've all heard those words before. Every time someone releases the latest and greatest widget the claims start flowing like water through a hose. The rhetoric starts flying fast and free.

 The truth of the matter is that these products are not based on solid business practices most of the time. Usually it is a one off deal that lots of people are promoting thus making it look more successful than it is.


Sorry - it isn't really a secret. 
It is quite well know by Internet millionaires  and savvy marketers.

The answer is - Recurring income.

Sound complicated? Don't worry - it is easier than you think.

Imagine this - you make ten sales today for $47.00. Congratulations, you made $470.00. Now imagine that you have a recurring income generator and you make those same ten sales. You made $470 today, plus $47 per month for as long as your customers remain members. Assume they stay members for four months. You just made $1810 over four months from a one time effort. 

Meanwhile you continue to make daily sales and your recurring income grows by leaps and bounds. You are well on your way to creating a substantial and reliable monthly income.

There are a few problems though.....

How on earth do you keep track of your customer activity. You have customers joining every day and some of them un-subscribe periodically. Keeping track of this can drive you crazy.

Also - collecting payments can be a problem. You need a variety of ways for your potential customers to pay for their membership. Without this you limit your chances for success.

The answer is simple - get some software to do it all for you. The only problem is that software that runs membership sites costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That is a big pill to swallow if you only have an idea and you are unsure how successful it will be.

Well - I have the answer for you! How would you like to be able to set your membership site up absolutely free. 

Yup - I said free, and free doesn't mean a lack of features. Look at what you can do with this free software.

  • Integrated Subscription handling using the following payment processors. Paycom. CCBill, Paypal, Paypal Subscriptions, epsNetpay, 2Checkout,, Paysgnet, Allopas, Alertpay, Viaklx and more.
  • Up to Four Membership Levels.  You have the flexibility to offer several different levels of membership to your clients thus increasing your potential profits
  • Integrated document management for your multiple levels of membership. Document and file handling is a breeze. Your subscribers can only access the files they are entitled to receive.
  • Integrated forum. Create your own member forum so your subscribers can discuss items of interest with each other.
  • Trial memberships. Set up trial memberships so your members can "have a taste" before they buy.
The best news is that you get all of this functionality for absolutely no charge.

My seven part video series takes you step by step through the whole process. It takes you from knowing nothing about putting together a membership site to being an expert at it. Why stop at one? Set up as many as you want and watch your earnings explode.

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