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Dear Reader:

One of the toughest tasks that people have trouble with in the online world is getting traffic to their online real estate. I can not think of anything more important than targeted traffic and it is the one thing that eludes most people.

It just doesn't have to be so. I have many websites out there and they all get traffic every day. Some of them are sales pages, some of them are blogs and some are content sites. It doesn't make one bit of difference what type of site you use; you can still get traffic to it by starting out with a solid foundation.

And that solid foundation is SEO optimization (or optimization for those of you who are in areas that spell it that way.) Now before you stop reading this is not the be all and end all of website traffic, it is the first step. When you get this right the rest falls into place.

I am not going to spend my whole time talking about SEO because what you want is traffic today - and that is what I will show you how to do. But I will take you through the steps to show you how to set up your site to ensure long term success. Then I will show you how to get immediate traffic.

Now you may be thinking I'm going to talk about article marketing. WRONG! I am leaving that out on purpose. Although it is a perfectly good traffic methods I left it out on purpose. The aim is to get traffic today and article marketing is a long term strategy. (I am not saying you shouldn't use it. You should. It is just not the focus of this video series)

What I will show you are some methods that will get you immediate traffic and help build your search engine rankings at the same time. I am not going to show you every method that you have ever heard about. I am only going to concentrate on four that I know work - because they work for me. Once the search engine traffic kicks in you don't have to keep performing these tasks any longer.

Here is What You Will Learn In This Video Series
  • How to set up your site to ensure a good ranking in the search engines (long term FREE traffic)
  • Four methods you can start using now to get immediate traffic to your sites. 
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